Family Thankful for Christmas 'Miracle'

It's a story about what a Heartland family calks a Christmas "miracle." Just six days after having a massive heart attack, a Cape Girardeau man is doing something no one ever thought possible, celebrating Christmas at home. Just a week ago, Mark Cook looked like the picture of health. Cook exercised and took care of himself, but a heart attack last Thursday morning brought his life to a screeching halt.

"They couldn't get him to breathe on his own." Lana Cook, Mark's wife says. "It was like they were fighting a losing battle." It was a battle Mark Cook didn't see coming. At 46-years-old, he's a healthy active person. His job as a principal at Jefferson Elementary School in Cape Girardeau keeps him busy. If you don't know him from there, you may have seen him here on KFVS. He and his wife Lana do some commercial work, the most recent was the "Christmas Shop" special. It's hard to believe that looking at him on Christmas day, that just six days ago, he had a massive heart attack and doctors didn't know if he was going to make it. Lana Cook says, "I remember just thinking this can't be happening, it's Christmas time, we have two sons, they can't lost their dad at Christmas."

Lana and her two sons, Casey and Noland took Mark to Southeast Hospital. Things were so touch and go, doctors went outside to perform CPR on Cook in the back seat of his car. Once they got him inside Southeast Hospital, Cook was barely clinging to life. Six days later he walked out of the hospital. His family says it was nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Lana says, "That's what I would tell everyone who would come see us, it's a Christmas miracle, pray for a Christmas miracle." Mark Cook says, "I'm just really thankful to God and my friends for just being here. I think it was a Christmas miracle. That may sound a little clique, but it is as far as I'm concerned." Mark Cook's still a little weak, and he's having a few problems with his short term memory, but doctors say his outlook is good.