One year later - Teresa Butler is still missing

One year later - Teresa Butler is still missing
By: CJ Cassidy
RISCO, Mo. - One year after a heartland woman disappears from her home, family members hold out hope she's still alive.
One year ago, Teresa Butler's husband left the house to work an overnight shift. He came home to find the now 36-year-old mom missing, and their two young sons home alone. The New Madrid County Sheriff says someone made a call from Butler's cell phone around 3 AM; just hours before her husband reported her missing.
So, did Teresa Butler use her cell phone one last time after she disappeared? It's a question that still haunts investigators one year later. "We were able to track where the call was made to. I talked to the individuals who received the phone call. There was no conversation over the phone just a silence, and the individual ended up hanging up," Sheriff Terry Stevens says.
"It was somebody local, but due to the sensitivity of investigation we don't want to reveal the name. It was someone who didn't know the family, Teresa or Dale, so we don't know if it was a random call or a misdialed number or what have you," Stevens says.
Like the Sheriff, Butler's mother has many unanswered questions. But the much publicized Shawn Hornbeck story has given her fresh hope. "I just wish she was alive. I really do," Linda Buchanan says, adding that she gets through each day by "hollering at my God."
Buchanan, says her daughter's never far from her mind, but not knowing what happened is toughest of all.  "I don't know how many times we've broken down and cried, I just wish I could have been there that night," she says.
Then there's Buchanan's fear Butler's young children might forget her. "They don't ask about their mom," she says.
But Sheriff Stevens isn't giving up hope yet. "We don't know where Teresa's at, but somebody does, and holds the answer. we've just got to find the right people," he says.
Investigators polygraphed another person of interest just today in connection with the case, but says that person came up clean.
The Sheriff says he will continue to follow up every lead, and asks you please call them at (573) 748-2516, if you have any information you think might help.