A Merry Christmas for Baby Zoe

We've been following Zoe Knight and her family's story since July. Over the last six months, the Knight's have been through a lot of battles. The biggest was in October when Zoe's dad Larry, gave part of his liver to his 11-month-old daughter so she could stay alive. It's been almost three months since Zoe and her dad had the surgeries. Both of them had a little bit of trouble afterwards, but they're okay now, and they're home with the rest of their family. One thing's for sure, this will be a Christmas the Knight family will never forget.

Zoe's mom Crystal says, "When we went into surgery they said they didn't think she was going to be strong enough. I think between all the prayers and what strength she had in her, she made it through just fine." At one time, Crystal didn't know if she would see her daughter Zoe healthy on Christmas Eve. Just a few months after a liver transplant operation, Zoe is a happy little girl, getting ready for a big Christmas. At almost 14 months old, Zoe only weighs 14 pounds 8 ounces, but it's a big accomplishment. Since the surgery she's gone up a size in diapers, and in shoes. In fact, she's doing better than doctors ever expected. Crystal says, "They said they don't see any problem with her growing. She's going to be a little behind in weight and height but I'd rather see her be behind and still have her with me."

Crystal's also happy to have Zoe with the rest of her family, including her four big sisters, and her dad Larry. We didn't see Larry Christmas Eve. Like his daughter, Larry's doing very well. He's doing so well, that when doctors said it was okay, he went right back to his job as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. He wants to help the family keep going. Something that people across the Heartland helped the family do while Larry was out of work recovering from surgery. So far, thanks to the Heartland, we were able to give the family over $12,000. Monday, we were able to give them another gift just in time for Christmas, this time, for $1,100. "Thank you very much, that's going to help a lot. Without everyone's prayers, support, caring, financial help. A lot of things were shut off when Larry was out of work. The money has helped out a lot, it helped out with Christmas," Crystal says.

Crystal and Larry Knight still have to take Zoe to her doctor in St. Louis every other week just to make sure everything's okay. Doctors told Crystal that within the next six months Zoe should be down to only one type of medicine, right now, she's taking five.