Oran welcomes a new police chief

Oran welcomes a new police chief
By: Ryan Tate
ORAN, Mo. - The city of Oran has a new police chief, and he is familiar with the people who live in town. That is because, he is one of them.
Steve Shoemaker has lived in Oran most of his life, and spent more than 25 years in law enforcement.  He retired from the Scott County Sheriff's Department, and began working as Oran Police Chief last week.
He takes over a department that was headed up by Marc Tragesser, who served as Chief for about a year and a half.  But his tenure was scarred by problems in town, mostly with people who did not like the idea that Tragesser believed in the "enforcement" part of law enforcement.
Tragesser's predecessor, Howard Stevens, tells Heartland News that he did not strictly enforce the law. That difference caused problems for most of Tragesser's term.  Tragesser resigned in November.
"I hope to pick up where my predecessors left off. To get along with everybody and do my job the best I can," Shoemaker said.
Shoemaker tells Heartland News he plans to communicate with people in town, by talking with them as much as he can. He did not comment on former Chief Tragesser's tenure.