Soldier who lost legs becomes business owner

Robbie Doughty
Robbie Doughty
Soldier who lost legs becomes business owner
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - One heartland solider paid a hefty price for service in Iraq, he lost both of his legs. But, Paducah native Robbie Doughty vowed to not let that get him down, he wanted to re-enter the civilian world and make a difference.

We learned thanks to a helping hand from someone with deep pockets, Robbie dream became reality. 

You may have to pinch him because Robbie Doughty can't believe it himself. "It's been a long process" said Doughty.

More like a long journey.

He's gone from the Heartland, to Iraq, to Germany, to Walter Reed Hospital on the east coast, then Detroit and finally back to Paducah.  All in the name of making two of his dreams come true; the first becoming a career solider and second a business owner. "I got a new prosthetic leg yesterday and I was having some technical difficulties so I was focused on working on that leg" said Doughty.

Number two officially came true Tuesday January 23rd. "From the moment I got hurt I made up my mind with in a few days, I'm not going to let this get me down and I'm going to go on with my life" he said.

It's that determination that got this solider the chance of a lifetime, to meet billionaire Mike Ilitch. He owns the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings. Ilitch heard about Robbie's story and decided to give him the opportunity to own and operate a franchise of the pizzeria joint he founded.

"There have been ups and downs with all of the different things you deal with whenever you build a new home or new store" said Doughty. From the looks of things Robbie's off to a good start; the pizzas in the oven and people are lined up outside the door to get a slice.

After a few minutes in business, you can see it on Robbie's face, although he made a huge sacrifice there's no way anyone's going to keep this solider from standing on his every own.
Robbie Doughty lost his legs in a road side bomb attack in Iraq in July 2004, two months after his deployment from Fort Campbell.