School closes because of illness among students

School closes because of illness among students
By: Ryan Tate
MARBLE HILL, Mo. - School leaders at New Salem Baptist Academy decided to cancel school Tuesday, because about one-third of students have the flu.
The school nurse tells Heartland News they started seeing signs of students getting sick January 18th, and the number of students getting sick started getting higher and higher over the weekend.
"I have 10 ball players, and four of them are out. And the school we're playing is even in a worse condition than we are," Ken Jones said. Jones is the boys basketball coach.  "In 17 years I have never seen anything like this."
School leaders decided to disinfect everything in the wake of sicknesses. That includes the floors, the desks, the door handles, and everything a student might come in contact with.
"They [the students] don't realize how much they touch their face and you try to make them aware of that. The school nurse handles that and is constantly telling them," Jones said.
Administrators at the Woodland School District say they take a "pro-active" approach to keeping kids from getting sick. That includes making them wash their hands before and after they go to lunch. 
Teachers have antibacterial hand sanitizer in the classrooms, and some have disinfectant wipes.
"We also teach them how to wash their hands. There's a proper way to wash hands and use anti-bacterial soap, and it is part of the education as well," Elementary School Principal Stan Seiler said.