Backyard sinkhole threatens to destroy home

Backyard sinkhole threatens to destroy home
By: CJ Cassidy
DUTCHTOWN, Mo. - Would you fight to protect your home? A Dutchtown couple says they don't really have a choice because they're afraid their home will disappear off the face of the earth.
A step in the wrong direction in Pat and David Barberis' backyard could send you hurtling down to the bottom of Hubble creek that runs alongside.
When the couple bought their house eight years ago, you could walk forty feet away from the house. Now, at the worst point, it's barely a foot away. "I'm heartbroken. This is my home. There's nothing we can do it's deteriorating before our eyes," Pat Barberis says. "Since we see this gaping hole it's really scary," Barberis says.
The couple says they're so scared, they are considering moving bedrooms away from the side of the home with the caving land. "All this land fell away and we felt nothing. We need to consider sleeping on the other side, so if the house starts to slide, we can get out the front door.
It would be closest to getting out, and save us from being hurt or sliding down the hill," Barberis says. "You used to be able to walk out at least forty or fifty feet. This weekend we looked out, and we couldn't believe it. We're going to fight for it. Hey, it's our land," Dave Barberis says. "We called the Corps of Engineers, Little River Drainage, FEMA and can get no help anywhere,' Pat says.
The couple blames the problem on the lack of rocks on their side of the creek bank, and says they hope someone helps out them in soon, before their home slides away. "We pay taxes like everyone else, and don't ask for much.
We would like to have rock back to reinforce our property. One more hard rain is going to take this whole part of our property," Pat says.
Heartland News called the US Army Corps of Engineers, but no one returned our calls.