Teacher loses a bet and his hair

Teacher loses a bet and his hair
By: Holly Brantley
SCOTT CITY, Mo. - Nic Antoine says he'll do whatever it takes to make sure his students get the best education possible. So, in exchange for good grades, he told his students he was willing to make a sacrifice. And, it's one he'll have to live with at least for a little while.
Antoine admits he's fond of his hair, but when it comes to the education of his fifth and six grade class at St. Joseph's School in Scott City, he's an even bigger fan.
So, he decided to put his crowning glory on the line and make a friendly bet with his students. "I challenged the sixth graders if they get a 90% or better as a group, I'd get my head shaved," explained Antoine. And if they lost, "They'd get their heads shaved."
With their hair at stake, Antoine's four sixth grade boys had four days to put their heads together in preparation. "We studied together," said Trevor Job. "We were a little nervous at first," said Jesse Bader.
But the hardest part of the test wasn't the material, "It was waiting to find out if we would win," said Hayden Boyd. "When the tests were graded you could hear the cheers all the way to Chaffee," said Antoine.
Of course that meant Mr. Antoine would be making a sacrifice. The students scored better than the 90% average required to win. The average was a 92%.
Now, with cameras in hand, students giggled as they watched longtime Scott City barber, Everett Holder do the honors.
Mr. Antoine says the sacrifice was worth it. As for the students, they say it will probably be a while before he makes any more bets. Or at least until his hair grows back.