Con artists attempt to dupe seniors with free weather vane

Con artists attempt to dupe seniors with free weather vane 
By: Erica Byfield

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. -- You used to spot weather vanes perched on roof tops just about everywhere, now you would be hard pressed to see one on an entire city block.

It's the memories of the way life used to be that almost got some Marshall County senior citizens duped.
"A lot of people are really trusting, this is the heartland, and we trust everybody every time until we are given a reason to not trust" said Russ Claborn an instructor with the Bank of Benton's seminar "Security Matters."

Newly elected Marshall County Sheriff Kevin Byars says sometimes some things are too good to be true.  Like this scam that literally drove into his county "We have approximately four gentlemen in a blue GMC Dully pick-up truck carrying out the scam" Byars said. 

The sheriff says these men tell seniors they won a free weather wane and installation but "they would need to put in a ground wire to keep the house from being destroyed by lighting."
Then they charge the seniors a hefty fee to install the ground wire.  Typically the men show up around lunch time and use the old bait and switch technique, Byars said.
"They tell you you're going to get this and they back up and give something else and you pay for this," Calborn said.

The sheriff says he understands no one in Marshall County has handed over any cash.  "The people that has contacted us has not fallen prey to them which is good," Byars said.

He also hopes reports like this stop anyone else dead in their tracks that are thinking they just hit the jackpot.

Again the men drive a blue pick-up truck with Missouri license plates, if you have any information about the scam please contact the Marshall County Sheriff's Office at (270) 527-3112