YourTurn - 1/15/07

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John Hall from Simpson, Illinois, "I'm writing because of a story you ran on the 10 p.m. newscast regarding poachers...your anchors used the term ‘hunters' and ‘poachers' interchangeably.  Hunters follow all applicable...laws.  Poachers are...common criminals...your writers need more education."
Heartland viewer Stephanie Crabtree, "We visited a jewelry store...and were helped by a sales associate...another man walked up in a nice suit.  The associate started helping him.  (We) may not dress like rich people (but) it is rude for people to judge other people...because of what they wear." 
Paul and Faith Kramer of Cape Girardeau, "We just watched The Tube Music Network and your people really did something right when selecting this station to broadcast....we are in our early 60's but still enjoy music videos...great job..."
Viewer Kim Twente, "My husband and I watched Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen and this woman was breast feeding...that wasn't so bad until her breast was totally exposed.  This is appalling.  I think something should be done about this..." 

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