Civil rights activist speaks in Cape Girardeau

Civil rights activist speaks in Cape Girardeau
By: Wes Wallace
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - A very special guest speaker at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Dinner.  Myrlie Evers-Williams, wife of civil rights activist Medger Evers, addressed a variety of topics Wednesday night.
"I'm very blessed and thankful to live as long as I have to see the number of changes taking place,"  says Evers-Williams.
For decades, she's watched the triumphs over civil injustice, a battle she says isn't too different all these years later.
"As we look at the issues, they're all pretty much the same today, it's just a different degree of the changes that have taken place," explains Evers-Williams, "One of the areas I believe Dr. King would be concerned about...all of us in the civil rights area...would be apathy."
It's voter apathy, the civil rights advocate says is particularly discouraging.
Evers-Williams also talked of the tragedy involving her husband Medgar Evers, who was shot and killed in front of their home, and how it took thirty years to finally convict his murderer.  Evers-Williams also says it caused her to develop a hatred for people, but she used her husband's words to overcome and use that hatred to strengthen her resolve.
"He said that's not the way, because those you hate, most of them don't know it.  Those who do, don't care, and you end up being the victim."