Sewer Line Break causes Water Woes in Charleston

Sewer Line Break causes Water Woes in Charleston
By: Holly Brantley

CHARLESTON, Mo. --Weekend downpours are still causing some difficulty in part of the Heartland. In Mississippi County, pressure from heavy rain is blamed for a broken sewer line. But, not everyone is unhappy about it.
The break means extra work for the city, but an extra long break for students.
"We get to play some more," said Hernandz Evans. Evans is a sixth grader. Water inside the high school means he gets a day off too. The entire Charleston school district decided to shut down Tuesday.
"The school had to be closed because you get four hundred kids, you can't flush the toilet," explained Dave Brewer, City Manager.
The pipe is part of the high school's main sewer line.
"Hopefully by using pumps we'll have school tomorrow," said Brewer.
Brewer says the weather is to blame. "It's because of a lot of rain, and a high water table."
The city acted quickly to make repairs, but the break could have meant trouble for nearby homes. "The houses will go in the hole if something's not done right away," explained Brewer. "That's the reason for the rush."
School Administrators tell Heartland News kids should be back in school Wednesday. Brewer says it could take about a week to replace the pipe, but it looks like there's no longer a threat to nearby homes.