Investigators Comment on Hornbeck-Ownby Rescue

Investigators Comment on Hornbeck-Ownby Rescue
By: Ryan Tate
One local police chief calls the rescue of Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby a "wonderful situation and accomplishment for investigators." Scott City Police Chief Don Cobb believes what happens to police officers and investigators in one part of the country effects all other members of law enforcement. He thinks this case will have a lasting effect.
"This is something I will use. And it's something that when others have stopped talking about it, it will be something officers will still be talking about for a long time," Cobb said. "I think it has re-energized everybody because there are cold cases and other cases out there that need to be solved."
Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant David James says this case proves that law enforcement officers do not give up, but it gives them hope they can solve cases, no matter how old they are.
"It gives us hope when all hope is lost. A lot of people would have given up hope on the Bonnie Huffman case, even though that case is more than 50 years old, but we do what we can to come up with a resolution," Lt. James said.
Huffman was a Delta schoolteacher found dead on the side of the road in 1954. Her case remains unsolved.