Caught On Tape: Fake Gas Station Heist

Caught On Tape: Fake Gas Station Heist
By: Erica Byfield

Calvert City, Ky. --Police in Calvert City, Kentucky think they figured out what really happened in an "unusual" robbery reported at a gas station.  They say that Monday afternoon someone dressed entirely in black held up a BP station using a toy gun.

It seems like a plot from a Hollywood film; a local guy robs a gas station with a toy gun and it turns out the whole heist is phony too.
"I agree with you this is kind of odd" said Police Chief David Elliott. 
Kind of odd is an understatement; it's odd to have an armed robbery period in Calvert City.
Chief Elliott said it last happened within his city limits in the 1990's.
"After the investigation it was determined that one of the clerks knew the individual that came into the store and robbed them" said Elliott. 
Elliot says Stephanie Shaw, a store clerk, not only knew that but told another employee on duty Tabitha Hamilton to play along.
"I think it's crazy" said Calvert City resident Shawn Croks.
Crazy because this story takes another twist, the robber, Bobby Akins, and Stephanie Shaw used to date.
"It's don't sound right.  It sounds like they were coped up too much and were bored and wanted to see of they could get away with it because it's a small town here and local cops" said Croks.   
Police Chief Elliott added the trio tried this robbery not once but twice and it was all caught on tape "Thanks to surveillance video that we had and the statements from the individuals we were able to come to a quick conclusion." 
A conclusion that landed the robber and the two clerks behind bars facing felony charges for trying to rob a gas station.
The Calvert City Police worked with the Marshall County Sheriff's Department to crack this case from start to finish in a little more five hours.