Flooding Issues Effect Some Scott County Residents

Flooding Issues Effect Some Scott County Residents
By: Ryan Tate
SCOTT COUNTY, Mo. --Heavy rains across Scott County force one family from their homes, and force others to walk through their yard wearing rubber boots.
Sue Williams says she does not live near a river or stream, but her home looks like an island. She says water started coming into her home Saturday. That's when she left with her husband to stay with somewhere else. When she came back Sunday, nine inches of water covered the kitchen.
"I could not believe it. I have lived here for four or five years, and I have not seen anything like this before," Williams said.
According to the National Weather Service radar estimates, four to five inches of rain, and maybe more,fell wear Williams lives. A neighbor up the road says his rain gauge had four inches of rain in it.
As for Williams, she does not know when she will be able to move back into her home.
"Maybe in a couple of months. We will try to clean things up, but if we can't, maybe we won't move back in."