Volunteers for Hornbeck Foundation Plan on Carrying On

Volunteers for Hornbeck Foundation Plan on Carrying On
By: CJ Cassidy

RICHWOODS, Mo. --Volunteers with the Shawn Hornbeck Foundation committed themselves to searching for missing children more than three years ago, after Shawn disappeared.  Now they say they plan on staying the course and hope to carry on with their search for missing people even though Shawn's back home.

But while they encouraged the media attention during the search for Shawn, now they wish they could stay out of the spotlight for just a couple of days.
From Oprah to Larry King to Nancy Grace, the names of media power hitters come one after another - all trying to line up an interview with Shawn Hornbeck's family.

The phone's been ringing off the hook at a small restaurant in Richwoods, Missouri, ever since the news broke that Shawn had finally been found.  Kim and Wayne Evans moved the command center of the Shawn Hornbeck Foundation there, away from Pam and Craig Akers home, to give them some much needed privacy.

"It's just stressful for the family trying to cope with re-intergrating Shawn into the home trying to deal with the press keep everyone happy," Kim says, when she was able to spare us a couple of minutes in between answering calls.
"Shawn hasn't had four years of dealing with the media like the rest of us here. This is new to him. It's a shock and just coming home, his life's been uprooted twice, uprooted from here and uprooted from there. Now he's back it's difficult for him I'm sure," Kim says.
While the Evans are just as curious as the rest of us about Shawn's absence, they're already planning ahead on how to organize better searches for the next child who comes up missing; revisiting clues they came across in the past four years like an eerie message someone left behind in a Eureka Springs, Missouri bathroom stall two years ago, claiming they kidnapped a boy on a bike.
"It's time to go back and review what we did things we found see if we did miss some things," Wayne says.
"We'll always look for missing children," Kim adds.
The Akers fly to Chicago Monday night. They'll do a taping of the Oprah show Tuesday. It's expected to air Thursday (January 18) on KFVS12.
Kim Evans says the Akers don't plan on bringing Shawn back out into the media spotlight anytime soon, because they just want to make sure he's comfortable and adjusting back to his home life.