Martin Luther King, Junior Day Celebration

Martin Luther King, Junior Day Celebration
By: Tiffany Sisson

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. --Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is about more than singing, speeches, food and gatherings, for many it's about renewing a commitment. "I hope the kids leve with the understanding of civil rights," said Larones Nelson.
Children of all ages in New Madrid re-enacted the struggle of the movement. "If we can keep the dream alive, one day we will be free," explained speaker Leotis Akins, Jr.
The face of King is a reminder of the fight for freedom. "It's important for Americans to recognize the fact that freedom is not free, it cost, and it cost a great deal," said Bobby Dean of Poplar Bluff.
A luncheon in Cape Girardeau focused not only on the selfless acts of King, but a humanitarian just like him. "The civil rights movement wasn't just about blacks, it was about justice and humanitarian efforts all over the world," said Judy Pratcher.
King's legacy is the conscience of a nation, fulfilling a dream of equality, black and white, sitting together, dining together. "He died for all Americans because of the injustice that was being done to African Americans," said Dean.
Pratcher explained, "Because of Dr. Martin Luther King I now know that intelligence is respected all over the world, never goes out of style, and stands the test of time."
The recipient of the humanitarian award in Cape Girardeau is Robert Harris. He's an associate pastor, and was honored for growing a garden and giving the vegetables to those in need.