Cairo mayor believes 1,000 jobs could be on the way

Cairo mayor believes 1,000 jobs could be on the way
By: Erica Byfield

CAIRO, Il. --Two weeks into the New Year and Heartland News has learned Cairo may get what it needs to have a "new" start.  We're talking about a new industry and 1,000 jobs.

Cairo's Mayor Paul Farris tells Heartland News it's in the early stages, but it looks like a coal gasification plant could possibly claim Alexander County as home.
In the real estate business the motto is location, location, location and Mayor Paul Farris tells me Cairo may be the prefect location to build a gasification plant for a few reasons.  The area is flanked by Mississippi River and the Ohio River, plus there is a railroad and major interstate all within minutes of each other. 
The farm land north of the airport is lifeless now, but from what Mayor Farris says it may not be for long because big business could be coming to town!!!  
Thursday, by phone, he confirms an un-named organization wants to construct a three billion dollar, one thousand job plant a few minutes outside of Cairo's city limits.
Farris mentioned by far this would be the largest thing to sweep through Alexander County in decades.
People in town say this is just what this area needs, jobs.    
"I wish it would come quicker a lot of people need jobs and this is a deprived town and all you hear is bad things about it these days" said lifelong resident Amanda Gibson. 
Dennis Leedy said "this town needs more jobs."
"I think that would be nice because here in Cairo there are no jobs and people don't have anything to do" added Charles Strayharne. 
Mayor Farris stressed plans for the gasification plant are in the beginning stages so, he like the rest of us have to be patient.
Also he's confident this is the stepping stone that could help his heartland community spring forward.
Mayor Farris also tells Heartland News leaders with the un-named organization are currently in the process of getting funding to buy the land, and so far there are no other areas vying for the plant.
According to the Department of Energy, coal gasification is a process where coal is broken down into other useable energy products.