Speed Limit Extends in Stoddard County Town

Speed Limit Extends in Stoddard County Town
By: Ryan Tate
AQUILLA, Mo. --A Stoddard County resident says he thought it would take "an act of Congress" to get the speed limit changed in his hometown of Aquilla. As it turns out, he did not need that much help.
For two years, Chris Mooy went to the Missouri Department of Transportation and asked them to do something about the speeding through Aquilla.  Last week, the Transportation Department moved the speed limit signs 200 yards on either side of the Stoddard County town, to make people slow down sooner before entering town.
"I kind of want to initiate it because the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I'm the squeaky wheel," Mooy said.
"We hope it gets people to slow down and help reduce accidents," Sgt. Dale Moreland said. Moreland is with the Missouri Highway Patrol.
Sgt. Moreland says the road is patrolled daily. Sgt. Moreland parked his squad car along the road and used a radar gun to judge the speed limit of drivers late Tuesday afternoon. While Heartland News sat with him, at least ten vehicles in 15 minutes were measured over the speed limit.
Mooy says he has already noticed a difference in traffic outside his home along Highway 25. He says most people are slowing down.