Airport Fly's High

Airport Fly's High
By: Wes Wallace
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. --Usually when people leave town, it's not good for business.  In this case, it's great news for the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport.   According to Bruce Loy, the Airport Manager, departures were up 18% from 2006 compared to 2005.
"The fourth roundtrip made a big difference," explains Loy.
Last year, the airport added a fourth flight to and from Lambert Field in St. Louis, giving passengers more options.
"Availability is important,"  says Eric Klindt, "Anytime you go (fly), you want to get in and out and not have a five or six hour delay.
Klindt flew into Cape Girardeau Tuesday afternoon for a conference, and says he was pleasantly surprised by the flight offerings into town.
"Once I got to St. Louis, I was supposed to be on an evening flight, but they moved me up on an earlier one, so I didn't have to wait,"  Klindt adds, "I was pretty impressed."
The added flight appeal helped increase boarding's, but Bruce Loy says they could have had more than the 8,217 boarding's.
"It was pretty good year overall, we think it could have been better," explains Loy,"the airline had some problems with cancellations, but all in all, it's definitely showed the fourth roundtrip can make a difference."
Just this week, the airline adjusted it's schedule in hopes of reducing those cancellations.
Loy also points out the fourth roundtrip isn't permanent, but he's actively seeking other air carriers to bring their service to the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport.
Late last year, the airport received multiple awards for marketing at the International Council of Airshows.