Keeping Kids Safe

Keeping Kids Safe
By: Holly Brantley

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. --Police say the first hours after a child goes missing are critical. So, if parents have information ready for officers that save them time, and could save your child's life.
Sgt. Barry Hovis says being prepared is crucial when it comes to finding your child.
"If you called and told me your child is gone, I'll need a current photo," said Hovis.
Several companies officer kits to help you keep the information handy and updated.
"This information I have here is the Milk program through Farmer's Insurance," said Hovis. "It prompts you to keep it updated with height and weight."
This information can quickly be emailed to police to trigger the Amber Alert system. You can also make your own kit, with simple things like cotton swabs.
"Get two swabs, use distilled water and rub the swabs inside your child's mouth," said Cpl. Joe Tado. "Also save a couple strands of hair between tape and store it in the fridge."
Something with your child's scent could also help search dogs. Most important, keep the information together and handy.
You'll soon have two opportunities to make kits for your kids.
The Masons are sponsoring two different events at Wehrenberg Cape West 14 Cine in Cape Girardeau. The first will be January 27th. The next will be February 10th. Both run from 11:00 in the morning, until 4:00 in the afternoon.
You'll be able to make an information CD to help law enforcement find your children should they go missing. Police and local dentist will help gather information. The event is free.