Hercules Hook

Does it Work Wednesday
Hercules Hook
By: Lauren Keith

The Hercules Hook claims it can hold up 150lbs, using no tools and leaving no mess.  The spokesperson, Billy Mays, performs a rather convincing commercial, too.  In it, you see the hook's design.  It shows the hook bracing on the back of the wall.  It also promises to only leave behind a pin-sized hole when removed, which is very nice for renters and college students in dorms...that is, if it works.  I must admit, the commercial "hooked" me, and dozens of KFVS viewers who've requested I try this on Does it Work Wednesday.
Contractors Quentin Williams and Tony Limbaugh agree the Hercules Hook might work for some items, but they're skeptical it'll hold 150lbs.
"We've got 150lbs to put on it, so we'll see for sure," says Williams.
First, we start small. Quentin puts the hook inside some drywall.
"Went in easy," remarks Quentin.
Next, I place a large, two pound picture on the hook...with no problems. However, the hole is a bit larger than pinsized, like it claims.  Next, it's time to hang a heavy 15lbs mirror.
"We don't want a broken mirror!" says Tony.
That's for sure, and just as soon as I hang it, the Hercules Hook slides out a bit, giving me quite a square.  However, in fairness, it did hold the mirror...barely.
Now, it's time for the true test. Quentin and Tony have three 50 lbs bags of Quickcrete, with wire at the top of each, so we can simply place the bags on the hook.  After the mirror scare, we're not holding out much hope.
"I think when we put the 50lbs. weight on it, it's going to fold like a pretzel!" predicts Tony.
Maybe so. Tim and Quentin look over the hook one last time, making sure everything's installed correctly.
"Turn and twist--it's in there right!" says Quentin after reading the instructions, one last time.
After one last offical weigh-in, we're ready.
"50 pounds! Let's try it" Quentin says as he lifts the sandbag off the scales.  He places the wire on the hook.
"It's not looking good! Uh oh!"  yells Quentin.
The hook completely pulls out of the wall! It doesn't even hold 50 pounds! There's no way it'll hold 150!  Plus, it leaves a huge rip in the wall. It also bent the hook---yeah, that's super strong.
"Where's a new one?" asks Quentin.
We're extra-official in this test. Quentin pulls out a brand new hook and places it into the stud in the drywall. That brings us to this point. He says it doesn't necessarily matter what kind of hook you have. It depends, rather, on the wall and how close the hook is to a stud.
"Here it goes---it's not going to hold! Ooh!" yell Quentin and Tony.
Good grief!  This one falls to the ground, too.  The hook is bent and there's another tear in the wall.
"Is that why they send you ten free?" Quentin laughs.
No kidding.  We definitely need another hook and extra money to repair the mess the Hercules Hook has made.
"To get someone to come out and look at that, repair it, plus match up your paint or texture, you're looking at an easy $100." says Quentin.
The guys aren't done yet. The Hercules Hook also claims it will work in paneling.
"It might be different in paneling. We can try it and see," says Quentin.
Different for sure...it's a lot tougher to stick the hook in.
"That might be a good sign," says Quentin.
Let's see. I hang the 15lbs mirror.
"Ooh boy--it's hanging on there, but I wouldn't trust it!" says Tony.
And I don't.  The Hook slides out, causing me to catch the mirror before it drops to the ground.  Now for kicks, let's try 50lbs.
You guessed it---the weight drops completely to the floor. 
"I don't think we need the other two bags to try 150!" laughs an exasperated Quentin.
That's for sure.  So, our test proves the Hercules Hook does not work on heavy stuff, but here's what does. Quentin and Tony install a standard drywall screw into a stud, nd it easily holds 100lbs. That said, you won't see these contractors installing the Hercules Hook anytime soon.
"Even on the commercial, it has a logo with muscles, so it's trying to advertise itself as a real strong product, and we've proven without a shadow of a doubt, it's definitely not," says Tony.
"Give it a D-.  It did hold small pictures, but nothing more than 5 or so pounds.  If you hang anything heavy with the Hercules Hook, I guarantee it will damages the wall. I'm not very impressed," says Quentin.
Me neither---this Hercules Hook can "hold up" a "D-" on this Does it Work Wednesday test.  By the way, I called the company.  After waiting on the phone for five minutes, a company spokesperson finally told me I had to submit a letter in writing before they would tell me why they think it did not work.  Well, I work in TV...so I'll do better than that.  I'll send them a copy of my video piece, and they can "see" it not working for themselves!