Cape Girardeau city leaders approve minimum wage increase

Cape Girardeau city leaders approve minimum wage increase
By: Ryan Tate
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Missouri voters wanted a minimum wage increase when they went to the polls in November.  Now, about 300 Cape Girardeau part-time, seasonal employees will get a pay raise to $6.50 an hour.
Mayor Jay Knudtson and City Manager Doug Leslie spoke about the minimum wage increase at the City Council Meeting Monday. Leslie told the crowd that the city received legal advise that the new minimum wage law does not apply to municipalities. But Leslie and Mayor Knudtson said they will give the raises anyway.
"Despite the fact that we may not have to abide by the new law, we feel it is necessary in terms of morale and what is good for our community," Mayor Knudtson said. "Because of that, we are raising the minimum wage."
Leslie said 68 employees currently work in a part-time, seasonal job for Cape Girardeau. During the summer, that number inflates to about 300. According to Leslie, most of those jobs are in the Parks and Recreation Department.
Back in December, city leaders believed they were exempt from the raise increase.