Lotto fever spreads as search for winner heats up

Lotto fever spreads as search for winner heats up
By: CJ Cassidy
IRONTON, Mo. - Lottery fever grips Ironton after someone comes forward with a winning Lotto ticket that will make them an instant millionaire.
The thought of $3,700,000 floating around town has the Heartland all a-buzz. The winner still hasn't claimed his big prize, but we're a little closer to knowing more about him.
Turns out he's from the Ironton area. We didn't find him, but not for the lack of trying.
Somewhere in scenic Arcadia Valley, someone holds a ticket that instantly makes him a multi-millionaire. It was a clerk at a Town & Country store who actually realized the significance of that ticket, when she scanned it through her machine. "I told him he had won $ 3.7 million. He put on his glasses to look, and I asked him not to pass out on me. He said he'd try not to. Not a lot was said, but he kissed his hand put it on my cheek said thank you," Samantha Cloin says. She says she would recognize the mystery winner if she saw him, but claims she doesn't know his name.
She simply describes him as an older white man who appears to be in his sixties. "It's really not fair to him to let people know who he is," she says.
Like us, though, a lot of folks want to know who the big winner is. "Just curious," one lady says as she buys herself a lottery ticket. "I'd like to be best friends with him," Robert Morris of Ironton jokes.
So, armed with the description from the Town & Country clerk, we went looking through the streets of Ironton; looking for Mister Lucky Lou himself.
We had one lady so intrigued she called up her dad. "Are you by any chance the $3.7 million lottery winner?" she asks. "are you sure? You're not keeping secrets from me are you?" she asks, half joking, half serious.
At Karla's Kitchen, a local restaurant, Karla Gottman thought it could be a regular customer who sits at her so called "table of liars." "They're just all retired gentlemen who come in and swap stories, it would be funny if one of them won," she says.
Most people just want to know who it is, because as one lady says if you know your neighbor won, you figure you might stand a chance of winning too someday.
Missouri Lottery representatives tell us the winner has till June to claim his prize.
Meanwhile, a Cape Girardeau man is a big winner too. Last week he uncovered $50,000 on a $3 crossword scratchers ticket. That winning ticket was purchased at the U-Kwik stop on Broadway in Cape Girardeau.