Police investigate Carbondale's first homicide of 2007

Police investigate Carbondale's first homicide of 2007
By: CJ Cassidy
CARBONDALE, Ill. - A parent's worst nightmare comes true - when someone guns down and kills her daughter. Police in Carbondale take on their first homicide of the year - after a shooting this weekend.
It happened at a home in the 400 block of East Oak Street. The Jackson County Coroner pronounced the 21-year-old victim, Falon Taylor dead at the scene, and autopsy results now show she died of those gunshot wounds.
Investigators wouldn't comment on a motive, but say they're looking for one or two men in connection with the deadly shooting.
Meanwhile, Falon Taylor's family hopes someone comes forward to shed some light on their loved one's brutal killing. "She's got two babies who'll never know their mom we'll have to keep her alive with pictures and memories," Taylor's mother says as she clutches her daughter's picture close to her.
Investigators say a gunman forced open the locked front door of the house on East Oak Street early Saturday morning, and fired shots into the bedroom where Taylor was sleeping. "Our life is shattered, and we don't know where to start picking up the pieces," Taylor's aunt says.
Patricia Gaston can't imagine why anyone would want to hurt, let alone kill, her fun-loving niece. "Me and the whole family have no clue who did this or why they did it but we know at least one other person was in the house," she says.
That witness tells police, the gunman may have had another man with him, and that Taylor was simply there for a visit.  Taylor's mother, says her daughter may have "run around with the wrong crowd" but that's because she believed everyone deserved a second chance.
A second chance Falon Taylor, never got. "She was very trusting of people and yes I regret it," she says. "She was a typical 21-year-old she liked to have fun she liked to kick it have a good time. Falon didn't have a drug problem no one looking for her for anything like that," Gaston says. "For somebody to do this and she was defenseless. I am hurt and I'm angry and I want them found," Taylor's mother says.
She also says she plans on raising her two young grandchildren just the way she raised her daughter.
Meanwhile investigators ask you call them if you have any information that might help- the number is (618) 457-3200.
A fund has now been set up to help with funeral expenses. The information to donate is as follows:

Angela Hopkins
fbo (for benefit of) Falon Taylor
Old National Bank
2306 Williamson County Parkway
Marion, IL 62959