Heavy Rain Hits Neelyville Hard

Floodwaters hit one Southeast Missouri town especially hard this week, dumping between four and six inches of rain on Neelyville.

"We've got water everywhere right now," said resident Terry Davidson on Monday afternoon. "We've got it in the park, in the streets, the school's closed and we're worried about people in low-lying areas right now."

It was in some places a few feet of water covering the main highways in the Neelyville School District, that prompted Superintendent Larry Graves to cancel school on Monday, out of fear that school buses could run into trouble.

"A bus accident or some mishap is one of our greatest fears," says Graves. "When I talk to our bus drivers, I always caution them not to drive through any situation they'd consider dangerous, and this has that potential."

It's potential that's evident when you watch other vehicles try to cross the flooded roadways. Even trucks with four-wheel drives were having trouble driving through some spots on Highway 142 on Monday, the rushing water threatening to sweep them into the ditch. But Butler County Highway Superintendent Bill Taylor says many folks who live on county roads have no choice but to try.

"If you live down here, you're going to have to drive through water to get out," says Taylor.

But it's not just the roads that were all wet, the Neelyville City Park was also underwater, and so was a business, Creach's Golf Carts. Owner Jerry Creach spent the day trying to clean up.

"Early this morning it was about four inches deep in here," he said, as he mopped water out of his building on Monday afternoon. "So we're getting it out and we're checking all our pipes, making sure everything's unstopped, and it's steadily going down. But it still makes for a wet day."

Neelyville will no doubt be wet for a while, but water had receded enough by Monday night, to allow students back in the classroom by Tuesday.