Yorkiepoo saves family's lives

Yorkiepoo Saves Family's Lives
By: Erica Byfield
PADUCAH, KY --This story sounds a lot like an episode of Lassie, but for the Floyd family its real life.

"I actually don't even like this dog, I do now" John Floyd started his "new" year with "new" feelings for his daughter's two year old pooch and the rest of their animal family.  "Thank you polo" he said. 

You name it and it's probably barking flying or sitting around the Floyd's home.  It's an understatement to call them animal lovers.

But thanks to one member of their extended family John Floyd's able to tell this story.  It happened six days ago after his daughter's seventh birthday party.  Polo found Floyd asleep on the couch.
"When the dog came to get me I was lying right here and he was scratching at my head and then scratching at my feet" he said, "finally I realized what was happening."
Floyd rushed in the kitchen and through the thick smoke saw his stove on fire.
"The smoke was about to here.  But the thing that was scaring me, I looked up and it was almost like you see in those movies.  The fire was going all down the wall here and it's circulating over your head."
Floyd said he knew something about grease, so he grabbed a blanket and threw it over the stove.
Then using the sink sprayer he finally snuffed out the flames.
"When the fire went out the whole ceiling went out, it was like it sucked it back in" he said. 
Like John Floyd said he didn't even like Polo, but now that the dog saved his family's lives Floyd's glad to call this Yorkiepoo his hero.  
Polo did get a treat for his heroic effort, Floyd served him warm breakfast sausage the next morning to say thank you.