"Killshot" - Canadian town to become Cape Girardeau

"Killshot" - Canadian town to become Cape Girardeau
By: CJ Cassidy
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - What on earth happened to "Killshot?" We all remember the excitement just a year ago, when Hollywood came to Cape Girardeau. The movie's expected release date is December '06, but only a trailer's made air so far.
Many of you have called asking us to find out the latest on "Killshot" and we finally have an update for you.  There's a good chance some of the scenes shot here in Cape Girardeau might not make it to the big screen at all.
Downtown business owners who did their part to make sure shooting went off without a hitch say they're disappointed big. More than one year after Killshot's first projected date of release there's still no sign of the movie.
Now word is some scenes will be re-shot in Canada - leaving Cape residents calling it a killjoy. "It's kind of a disappointment since we thought it would be a neat thing for the downtown to be in a movie," according to one local business owner.
A Canadian film worker tells Heartland News crews plan on re-shooting two scenes in scenic lake front Port Perry in Ontario, Canada - more than 900 miles away from Cape Girardeau.
As for the scenes, they include - Diane Lane leaving a downtown store a year ago, and maybe even more disappointing - they are also re-shooting the establishing shot of Cape Girardeau. "You have to understand life's all about managing expectations and this was Hollywood," Mayor Jay Knudtson says.
Of course store owners had hoped Hollywood would come through for them.  "A lot of local businesses closed their stores to accommodate them to shoot the movie and we lost money during that," Susan Dean who owns "A Woman's Store" says.
Dean's store does show up briefly in the trailer - but, will it make on the movie? No one knows. "As long as they call it Cape Girardeau we might be able to close our eyes and believe it's Cape Girardeau. That's what it's all about anyway a lot of fantasy," Knudtson says.
Film producers would not comment on why they decided to re-shoot the scenes in question but it is scheduled for this weekend in Canada, and I'm told they're working on details to make sure Port Perry looks more like Cape.
Interestingly enough Port Perry had also been in the running when producers were talking about shooting the movie in the first place - but at the time, Cape won the rights.
The convention and visitors bureau says film crews spent more than $700,000 while in Cape, and they welcome the chance to work with Hollywood any day.
There is no word yet on when the movie will be released.