Mother and son found dead in home, daughter clinging to life

Mother and son found dead in home, daughter clinging to life
By: Arnold Wyrick
WEST FRANKFORT, Ill. - Police in West Frankfort are looking for answers in the death of 78-year-old Mary Turner, her son 52-year-old Mickey Turner who were found dead in their apartment, in the Franklin County Housing Authority, Wednesday afternoon.  Shelda Gwodzik is recovering in a Cape Girardeau hospital.
A family brought police to the Turner's apartment after he couldn't get any response from talking on the apartment door.
Once inside police found Mary laying on a couch in the living, and Mickey on a bed in one of the bedrooms.  Shelda was still barely alive and laying on a couch in the apartment.
Lucy Summers has lived next to the family for the past 16 years.
"I loved my neighbors because they were good to me.  They've always seen after me.  If she cooked something good she'd bring me over some," Summers said.
Summers also pointed out that her neighbors studied their bibles regularly.
"They had this vision, and they were studying in the bible.  And they were writing.  They gave up their voice to god, and they didn't talk to people," Summers said.
"And they thought god was calling them for a mission.  And evidently somewhere along the line they decided to die and just go ahead and be with the lord."
But it's how Summers believes her neighbors died that still troubles her some.
"They had starved themselves to death.  That's what they've done.  They all gathered together over there evidently and starved themselves to death."
Police still aren't saying exactly how the Turner's died.  But they will say that they don't suspect them to be victims of foul play.  And no homicide investigation is underway in their deaths.