Federal Investigation into Perryville Clinic

Federal Investigation into Perryville Clinic
By: CJ Cassidy

PERRYVILLE, Mo. --There are more questions than answers surrounding the federal investigation at a Perryville Medical Clinic we first told you about last week.  Eyewitnesses say agents swarmed the Convenient Healthcare Clinic about two weeks ago,to seize records.

One of the co-owners of that clinic is the wife of Missouri State Representative Steven Tilley.  He says he has nothing to do with the clinic, but says his wife is one of the best people he knows and he stands behind her and her partner one hundred percent.

Meanwhile the clinic's attorney says he only wishes he knew what the investigation is about.
"Convenient Healthcare doesn't know if it or one of it's employees is the target," Attorney Tom Burcham says, speaking on behalf of Kellie Tilley and Laura Elder, co-owners of the clinic.
He says employees at Convenient Healthcare had no warning when agents showed up to seize records.
"It interrupted an entire day of business," he says.
An employee at the license bureau next door, walked in to find agents standing guard at the front and back entrances of the clinic... the bureau even opened their doors half an hour earlier so customers would not have to stand in the lobby with officers.
Still, no one - not even Burcham claims to know what sparked the investigation.
"The Inspector General's motive for coming in and asking to see the books of a private healthcare provider may make sense in some other context but I don't have the answer for you," Burcham says.
Donald White with the Office of the Inspector General or OIG, would only tell me they seized records.
He says the OIG primarily serves as guardians of taxpayer dollars making sure funds for programs like medicare and medicaid are spent efficiently and legally.
Representative Tilley declined to comment on whether the investigation would cast a shadow on his political career but reminded me instead that he voted to crackdown on medicare fraud.
"I don't think there's any question that there's media attention directed to this issue because we're talking about one of the investors of this business being the wife of a public figure," he says.
Other folks we spoke with, including patients of Convenient Healthcare say they would be curious regardless of the Tilley connection - but as long as the clinic stays open, they'll walk in for treatment.
"I want to know because I like coming to the clinic," Neal Bachmann says.
The clinic has been open for about a year and a half, and attorney Tom Burcham says investigators did not revoke the clinic's medicare provider number which would have left them unable to treat certain patients.
The findings from the OIG will be turned over to the US Attorney's office, and we'll let you know what happens.