A new year may mean the end to some eyesores

A new year may mean the end to some eyesores
By: Erica Byfield

ALEXANDER COUNTY, Ill. - There are some big changes coming to Alexander County. In late November we took you to Urbandale and showed you some eyesores. We traveled back there on Tuesday with good news, it's a new year and in a matter of days the areas is getting a face-lift.

Talk about a long story short, Thomas Parham's lived in Urbandale a long time and gave me a condensed version of why his city looks like this. "Years ago people were younger and they kept up there houses and as they got older they went in the nursing home" said Parham.

Then, no one paid the taxes on them, so now Alexander County owns them. "I would like to get that down bad because kids is always playing in it and it could fall on them and kill them" said Parham.

He is not the only one in town with sometime to say. Let me re-introduce you to Dot Conroy, you first meet her in November. "Urbandale has been left undone for too many years they have never come out here and helped Urbandale."

She is one of the most vocal people begging for change, so as you imagine Conroy's pleased with the latest news, "I'm excited, yes, its about time."

But residents in Urbandale aren't the only ones cheering on change at least ten properties within the city limits of Cairo are also slated to be destroyed. Some look worse than others but end result will be the same, in a matter of weeks they will no longer exist.

Meanwhile, back in Urbandale Dot Conroy is still waiting for the heavy equipment to show up to tear down the eyesores. "I'm proud and I think were going to get help" because this is the first step of improving Alexander county's appeal and improving the view from her front porch.

Several hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grant money will go to the clean up. Again, we're told it should begin in a few weeks.