Union County Authorities Investigate Double Homicide - UPDATE

Union County Authorities Investigate Double Homicide - UPDATE
By: CJ Cassidy

JONESBORO, Il. --New details on last Friday's double homicide in Jonesboro.
Investigators now confirm they've arrested the victim's own son - on unrelated charges, soon after discovering the bodies of 45-year-old Robert Pitts, and his 43-year-old wife Marcia.
The victims' 19-year-old daughter says she doesn't know what to think, and hopes police will soon find out who killed her parents.
In the meantime, Ashley Pitts says she is staying in touch with her brother; after all he's the only family she has left.  
"Crying isn't going to bring them back -.you've got to hold yourself together and be strong," Ashley Pitts says as she struggles to remain dry eyed.
Ashley Pitts uses words of wisdom she learned from her parents, to cope with their brutal, horrific death.
The teen rushed home from Texas, after friends found the victims' bodies shot to death in their Jonesboro home. 
"It's real hard, because my whole family's gone, even my brother's gone," she says.
Ashley's brother - 23-year-old Robert Pitts Junior, is in jail facing unrelated charges of residential burglary and theft.
Investigators say he broke into a home in a nearby neighborhood, and stole a Ruger automatic pistol among other things.
"I do keep in contact with him," Ashley says. "He's just as much in shock and upset as I am - he's hurt too he's hurting right now."
Court documents show Pitts Jr. was on probation for various offenses, including drug abuse and resisting arrest.
He was also sentenced to four years in prison for two burglaries back in 2001; but the most recent pending case against Pitts Jr., involves a charge brought against him by his own parents for allegedly stealing their car earlier this month.
"He's had a criminal history but no violent history. I don't want to believe it but I don't know if it was him. If he's charged and found guilty no matter how much I hate him and I can't forgive him for that,  I still love him at the same time - because that is my older brother but as of right now, I'm lost and confused; I don't know who to turn to who to trust," Ashley says.
No new charges are expected against Robert Pitts Jr., in the immediate future.
Investigators believe the gun used in the shootings might still be in the area, and ask folks to keep a lookout.
Neighbors say they've warned their children and grandchildren not to touch anything that looks like a gun.
They say these days, that's what everyone's talking about.
The funeral will be held at the Lutz and Rendleman Funeral Home in Anna, at 11 AM on Thursday.