Progress in Cairo

Progress in Cairo
Good news in Cairo, just in time for Christmas. According to Mayor Paul Farris, the City Council has approved four resolutions that had been on the agenda for about a month. Friday's meeting lasted only a matter of minutes. And, Mayor Farris says it should only take a few weeks to see results.
"We got four resolutions passed today in a quick and timely manner," said Farris.
Mayor Farris says taking care of business was the result of more than the holiday spirit. He says it was teamwork. "We've got to get past the blame," said Farris. "We've all got to work together."
As a result of the meeting, three run-down properties will come down by the middle of January. Tearing down the homes is part of Operation Facelift.
Cairo's sewer system will also see improvements.
"These are positive moves that are basically showing there will be redevelopment the city of Cairo," Farris explained.
Another incentive for progress, Farris says Cairo wants to be ready to break ground for a new bio diesel plan by early 2007. The plant will bring more than 30 new jobs to Cairo. All of the jobs will offer above average salaries with benefits.
"This is very exciting," said Farris. "This is what this community needs."
Another resolution includes plans to establish a designated truck route on Commercial Ave. All of the resolutions aim to make the most of Cairo's potential.
"As everyone knows, we're here at the intersection of two major rivers," said Farris. "We've got major highways to the tri-state area."
In the meantime, residents say they hope to see a new Cairo, as we head into the new year.