Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa
Reporter:  Tiffany Sisson
E-Mail:  tsisson@kfvs12.com

It's a name that needs no address. Everyone knows Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. Writing a letter to Santa is what makes Christmas magic for children. Some of those letters sent to the roly-poly icon, come right through Cape Girardeau.
Jeanie Wilson's job as a postal worker is a front for her true profession! Wilson is one of Santa's helpers! "I'm just one of Santa's many elves just helping out! He's so busy this year, getting everything ready, making sure everything's ready to go on time," said Wilson.
Wilson doesn't make toys, but she does work to help make Christmas wishes come true. Piles of Christmas letters to Santa are delivered to her workshop. "We go through them. If they have the addresses on them, then we make sure we send them a little note back from Santa Claus," explained Wilson.
The children creatively craft their Christmas wish list. Some lists are so long they unroll like parchment scrolls. Others, take up a front and half a sheet of paper. Some want a big horsie, a choo choo train, and other's just want to know how Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves are doing.
One reads, "Even though I want a camera, I'd be happy with anything. Also, it would be nice to have a white Christmas."
Wilson said, "I like the ones that admit of their bad doings throughout the year. One wrote, Dear Santa, I've wanted to tell you something. I know I've been a bad kid this year, but can you give me another chance?"