Humane Society of Missouri Rescues Approximately 100 Dogs

Humane Society of Missouri Rescues Approximately 100 Dogs
Reporter:  Ryan Tate

Humane Society of Missouri investigators have had their eye on a home in Ripley County for two years.  Tuesday, their vision turned into action. Investigators and rescuers took more about 100 dogs to St. Louis for treatment, after serving a search warrant at the home.
A veterinarian on the scene deemed it necessary to take the dogs for treatment, after noticing a variety of ailments. The owner does not live at the house, according to Ripley County Sheriff Adam Whittom. The man actually lives in Doniphan, but came out to the house to feed the dogs periodically.
Bags of dog food and feces cover the inside of the house, with dogs running inside and outside the home. "This is not the worst I have ever seen, but if nothing had been done, it could have climbed the list," Humane Society of Missouri Statewide Investigator Kyle Held said.
Held began investigating the home two years ago, but says the owner has been reluctant to make any changes in recent months. According to Sheriff Whittom, the man has refused to give up the dogs despite requests. According to Held, the dogs will be taken to St. Louis for treatment. He hopes many of them become pets in the future.