Goodyear Family Coping After Three Months on Strike

Goodyear Family Coping After Three Months on Strike
By: Erica Byfield
SOUTH FULTON, Tn. --We revisited a Goodyear family we meet in October, Mike and Anita Jones of South Fulton, Tennessee.  She found out this couple is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their little girl still gets a merry Christmas. 
You name it and in the last three months Mike Jones has probably done it to make some extra cash.
"I've been painting, shampooing carpets, and just odd end things to pay the bills" he said. 
He's gone as far as to line people cabinets with paper and clean out his own mother's garage to make ends meet.
But, don't think Mike did not try to find another full-time job, "I got a job at a seed company across town, but I been laid off from them now."
That means he has lost two jobs in three months.  Even so, Mike feels he and his fellow strikers are walking the line for a reason; they don't want a pay cut and are unwilling to think about losing benefits.
"All of our industry is going overseas and we've got to standup and take a fight that's what it all boils down to" said Jones. 
Since money is tight they have a plan for Christmas, celebrate but this year it's all about their daughter Haley.
"I make sure my family has everything, first then we worry about me, I don't have to have anything as long as my daughter does" said Mike's wife Anita Jones.    
To make matters worse, the couples insurance runs out in January.  Anita said f she or Mike gets sick they'll suck it up, but if Haley's ill they'll take her to visit a doctor.
Right now, this is their reality and mikes confident sooner or later he'll get back to work.
"I believe it will come to a point where somebody will have to, but I don't believe it's going to be us" said Jones. 
Anita Jones also works part-time.  The couple agrees, if it where not for the support of their family and friends they do not know how they would get by.