Fire destroys Stoddard County home

Fire destroys Stoddard County home
By: Holly Brantley
STODDARD COUNTY, Mo. - Just over a week before Christmas, a woman's Stoddard County home, and all her belongings, go up in smoke.
It happened in Leora. The woman wasn't home at the time. Now, instead of asking for help, Cora Page is encouraging people who reach out to her, to lend a hand to others who need it more than she does. Though, Page admits, this year's been a tough one.
"My brother got killed last year," said Page. "He used to live with me. There's a lot of memories in this house that went up in smoke."
The house is a total loss, but Page says there's plenty to be thankful for. All four of her dogs are still alive. they were at her son's nearby home.
 "I didn't want my dogs to parish!" said Page.
And while so many are reaching out to her, Cora's thoughts turn to others in need.
"If there was any kind of help to be given, I'd like it to be given to Lou Abernathy," said Page. "Lou and her husband were cutting a tree down. They are in their seventies. It feel on Lou and crushed her leg."
"I passed out," said Abernathy. "I came back t and daddy was just running around saying: 'Oh my baby! What can I do?' I said daddy, run in the house and call 911! Tell them it's an emergency, hurry fast!"
'Daddy' is Lou's husband Vern. For nearly two weeks since the accident, Lou's had to spend most of her time in bed. But she's had Vern and faith by her side.

"There were angels protecting me," said Lou. Angels, and people like Cora Page. "If there's anybody that needs anything," Abernathy explained, "Cora's always right there to help."  

No word yet on what caused the fire. In the meantime, Lou Abernathy feels lucky doctors were able to save her leg. A ramp and other supplies are being donated so that she might get around her home more easily. If you'd like to help with the mounting cost, call 573-222-3773.