The Heartland's Stonehenge

The Heartland's Stonehenge
Reporter:  Jason Lindsey
BOLLINGER COUNTY, MO - From the rivers to the landscape, Mother Nature has created some unique places in the Heartland.  But, there's something in Bollinger County that Mother Nature didn't build, and when you see it you'll be mesmerized. 
It's the Heartland's Stonehenge!  Just imagine gigantic rocks that stand over 12 feet tall and weight 7 tons.  That's what you'll find in goat farmer Steve Wagoner's backyard. 
Wagoner calls it his "stone circle."  Using ramps, levers, and rollers he stood 4 stones up the first year, this year he stood 7 stones, and he'll stand one more next year making a total of twelve representing each month of the year.  Wagoner says, "It works as a calendar by the shadows, when they fall on the ground I'll be able to tell what month of the year it is according to the shadow off the south line. 
"It's kind of an anchor, it's kind of like a psychic fortress, I can come up here and there is no alarm clock, there's no jobs, there's no paychecks, there's nothing of the artificial world" says Wagoner.
As for the future of the Heartland's Stonehenge, Wagoner tells Heartland News that he'll add to his masterpiece and hope his children and grand children will ad to what he calls his "stone circle."