Longtime Eyesore No More

Longtime Eyesore No More
By: Holly Brantley
DEXTER, Mo. --A longtime eyesore is coming down one board at a time.
Every town has some of these. Places that people look at and say: "When are they going to get rid of that thing?"
Well, five years after they vowed to clean up the town, Dexter has the answer to that question.
The city of Dexter has condemned twenty buildings. Their goal is to get them torn down and clean the ground for new development.
One of those buildings is an old house that sits at the corner of North East Main, and Elm streets.
Once it's torn down, apartment buildings will go up in its place. In fact, one of those buildings is almost completed. Three more will be built.
Charles Chanterelle lives next door. He's glad to see what he considers an eyesore go.
"It's an eyesore," said Chantrell. "It's been needing to be taken down for a long time."
Leo Deprow bought the property from the previous owner a couple of months ago. He says investing in Dexter to spruce up his hometown.
"It just makes it look good."
Five other buildings have already been torn down. Of the twenty condemned properties, three are still in limbo.
"There's some buildings that really need to be torn down," said Chanterelle. "I hope it is a sign of things to come. I hope this is the beginning of something better." 
"We're just all working together," said Deprow. "You might call that civic pride."
According to city alderman, once a property is condemned, the owner has sixty days to either tear it down or start fixing it up.