Moon Shoes

Moon Shoes
By: Lauren Keith
Moon Shoes claim they're like mini trampolines for your child's feet.  So, are they out of this world?
"We're going to test moon shoes! have you guys heard of these?" I ask an excited group of students at Kelly Elementary in Benton, MO.
These moon shoes look like something from another galaxy, and the kids can't wait to hop into 'em.  However, that's not so easy to do.  First, parents have to assemble the shoes. The box contains a bag full of rubber bands you loop through the shoes. Be careful--- these bands can snap.
"Do you think you'll be able to put these on?" I ask one little girl, Addison. 
Addison needs my help, and then I need teacher Nikki Heuring's help! Both of us struggle getting the straps through the slot on the side. It takes forever!
"Is that too tight?" I ask Addison.
Once there's a foot in place, there's not enough room to pull the strap through. Finally, Nikki and I decide to keep the strap in the shoe, and have the kids place their foot into it.  That goes a bit faster, but not necessarily that much easier.
"How's it feel?" I ask Addison.
"Weird!" she says.
"Are you ready to try and bounce?" I ask. 
And she's off! These moon shoes do defy gravity---maybe even a bit too much. Not long after taking off, Addison falls over.  By this time, the other students want to try. The moon shoes send these Kelly Hawks soaring!
"They're like trampolines!" one excited little boy says.
That's the kids' reviews, but us adults think these shoes might be an accident waiting to happen. Several times our cameras captured the kids colliding into one another. 
"The kids had fun on them, once they learned to keep their balance.  However, we have mats here, so they would not be able to jump on slick surfaces," says teacher Nikki Heuring.
"I keep falling backwards!" says one boy.
"Kind of hard because I have big feet," says another.
The Moon Shoes claim to fit up to a men's shoe size 7 and up to 160 pounds, which means I can get in on the fun, too!  After bouncing around I think parents might want to put arm, knee and elbow bands on their kids, maybe even a bike helmet, when using these things.  They're a lot of fun, but a lot like roller skates, so you know the potential dangers that come with that.  Now the question is: how long will the fun last?
"Would you want it for Christmas?" I ask second grader, Natalie Groves.
"No, not really. It's too hard to stand on them," she says.
"I'd play with them all of the time," says another student.
So, some mixed reviews. These moon shoes truly are "out of this world," but's let get down to earth here. They're not easy to put on... maybe even a bit dangerous. So, the $30 Moon Shoes bounce off with a C+ on this Does it Work Wednesday test.
Next week, I test a Nut Roaster just in time for your holiday parties.