Father jailed and charged with killing his baby

Father jailed and charged with killing his baby
By: CJ Cassidy
PERRYVILLE, Mo. - New details on a story we've been following out of Perryville. Family members laid nine-month-old Robert Lindsey to rest Tuesday afternoon. The baby's father did not attend the funeral.  20-year-old Matthew Lindsey's in jail accused of murdering his child.
According to police - he wanted to make the baby stop crying, and later admitted to suffocating his child.  Investigators call it shocking, but strangely, the baby's family doesn't believe a crime was committed.
As family members mourn the loss of baby Robert, his mother claims her baby died of natural causes. She says her fiance and father of her child would never hurt his son.
Investigators disagree. "No one wants to believe someone's capable of committing a crime like this. It's hard to imagine someone would want to kill their own child," Chief Keith Tarrillion says.
He adds that family members had mentioned the child was in good health, and was a happy child with no medical problems. The Chief also says Matthew Lindsey showed neither surprise nor remorse when they arrested him.
Court documents indicate Lindsey admitted he was upset about his girlfriend going to see her ex-boyfriend, and then about the baby crying.
Autopsy results indicate bruising on the back of the baby's head and his forehead.
"He admitted to suffocating the child by holding the child close to his chest until he stopped breathing, stopped moving, then he laid down and went to sleep," Tarrillion says.
Even so, he finds it strange Lindsey never even requested to be at his son's funeral and a former friend says he can't believe it. "He seemed to be a good boy, and didn't expect him to do anything like that," Danny Bowen says.
Baby Robert's memorial card reads: A tear at my death is like rain drops for the stars, as I believe in life not death. But for now - it's up to the courts to decide if Matthew Lindsey did cut his son's life short.
Something else in the court documents - Lindsey admitted to investigators he's a very jealous person who has anger management issues and should have been in counseling. He's scheduled to make his next court appearance in January and is being held on half a million dollars bond.