Shotsie's survival story

Shotsie's survival story
By: Holly Brantley
SCOTUS, Mo. - Wounded, alone, and near death. Against all odds, a dog survives after being shot. Thanks to a loving couple in Bollinger County, and local vets, the dog they call "Shotsie" will soon be almost as good as new.
The gun shot wound left Shotsie with only one eye. But, it doesn't seem to bother the spunky pup. There's no telling who pulled the trigger, or why. Now, young Shotsie gets a second chance, and he's looking for a permanent home.
Besides his scars, there's hardly a trace of the wounded, emaciated animal found hiding under Bud and Penny Wiesner's deck a few months ago.
"You could stick a fist in the hole in his head," Penny Wiesner said.
"I was a homicide detective back east," Bud Wiesner said. "I've seen homicides that looked better."
It didn't look good, but Shotsie was determined to live. Vets believe he was shot about two weeks before showing up at the Wiesner's. Now everyone who hears this dog's story is amazed by his recovery and his spirit.
"His tail's always wagging. He's always happy to see you," said Penny.
Bud and Penny Wiesner already have six dogs. Shotsie makes seven. "I don't know how they find our place," said Penny. "Something guides them here."
The Wiesner's would love to be able to keep Shotsie, but they already have a large animal family. Vets don't expect him to have long term complications. His stitches came out on Monday.
Marilyn Neville is screening potential adopters for Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary. If you're interested in adding Shotsie to your family call 573-722-3035.