Locals give back to a solider's family

Locals give back to a solider's family
By: Erica Byfield

Graves County, KY - The holiday season is a high stress time.  Just imagine how you would cope if your husband, the family's sole bread winner, is on the front lines in Iraq.  What about Christmas?

As we found out, for one heartland family that is when employees at the local jail stepped in.
The Graves County Jail is not the place you would expect to see a Christmas lights, let alone piles of neatly wrapped gifts nestled beneath a tree. 
"David is fighting for us and we just thought it would be nice to give" said Debbie Haley with the jail. 
Give a little something, to someone who fills some big shoes in the heartland, as father to three boys, husband to Michelle and Sheriff's Deputy in Graves County.
David Harrison's worked with the department for 8 years and is now on his fourth tour of duty with the armed forces since 1991.
"They have a satellite phone so we talk daily" said Michelle. 
Back in the states, Michelle's playing a huge role herself, she's serving as mom and dad. 
"I felt like it was my place to be home while their dad was gone and be there for them because they need me now more than ever," she said.   
To make ends meat she baby-sits, so when Michelle learned about jailer plans to adopt her family it was all she could do to fight back the tears, "it's awesome I can't say enough for what the people have done for support and bought the kids."
The boys 12 year old Zack, 7 year old Jordan, and 11 year old Justin had thank-you's of their own.
 "Thanks it's very nice for ya'll for adopting us" said Zack. 
"It's good to have them" said Jordan. 
 "Just thanks" mentioned Justin. 
Their home is equally decked in the Christmas and patriot spirit, a tradition Michelle started the first time David missed the holiday season, "Every year I continued the tradition not realizing he would be gone another Christmas."
The sparkling lights on there Christmas tree serve as a reminder, David fighting for our freedom and it's only a matter if time before he is reunited with his family. 
David is expected to come home next October.
Leaders with the Graves County Jail also have plans to deliver a hearty holiday feast to the Harrison's on Christmas Eve.