"2 for 1" Deal on this Does it Work Wednesday

"2 for 1" Deal on this Does it Work Wednesday
By: Lauren Keith
This time of year, holiday sales and specials bombard the airwaves and our mailboxes.  So, keeping with that holiday spirit, I have a "2 for 1" deal for you in this test.  I enlisted the help of a familiar face, former Heartland Health reporter Wendy Ray Durham, for this test.
"I tried an over-the-door hanger and it wouldn't fit on my door, so I need something like this," says Wendy, after she sees the Magnetic Wreath Hook.
Wendy certainly hopes the new magnetic wreath magnet works so she can display more of of her holiday items at her store Magnolia Market. The package label says you can use the magnet on storm doors and single-pane windows, so let's see if that "holds" true.
The magnet comes apart.  Wendy places one part on each side of her glass door. "Whoa!" we both say.  This magnet certainly packs some power.  It appears to hold a heavy wreath, just fine.
"It's cute. I like it!" says Wendy.
However, we'll she like it after time passes? We leave the hanging wreath alone, hoping it doesn't fall to the ground, while Wendy and I test the next product.  The 3M company claims the Scotch Paper Cutter works "faster than scissors!" You can use it on any paper item. First, Wendy gives it a try. She notices it's a bit hard to get started, but once you get the hang of it.. the paper cutter whizzes along. Now, it's time for the true test. Let's see if this $5 Paper Cutter truly works faster than scissors.
Wendy, game on!  I use scissors; Wendy has the Paper Cutter.  We each have a piece of wrapping paper.  On the count of three, we race.... my scissors get caught! So Wendy and the Scotch Paper Cutter win this race, but not necessarily Wendy's full approval.
"It does do what the package says, but I wouldn't want it because I'd want to use it to cut ribbon," she notes.
The label warns this tool isn't for intricate use like that--- so, if you have a lot of gift wrapping to do, or maybe you like the protected blade it offers, then you might want to pick it up. The Scotch Paper Cutter "makes the cut" with a B+.
As for the Magnetic Wreath Hook, this $10 gadget came in handy. I also called Wendy a week later. She tells me it's still holding strong, and she thinks it may even last a few holiday seasons to come.
"I'd give it an A!" she says.
Remember it may not work on every window, but it clearly does the job on Wendy's single-pane glass door. This magnet "hooks" an A on this Does it Work test. 
I bought the Scotch Paper Cutter at Wal-Mart and the Magnetic Wreath Hook at Bed, Bath and Beyond in Carbondale.