Red Cross Gets Help to Give Help

Red Cross Gets Help to Give Help
By: Wes Wallace

FARMINGTON, Mo. --On the sixth night without power, dozens of folks in St. Francois County still need any help they can get.  Obviously it's never a good time for a crippling ice storm to knock out your electricity, but the Southeast Missouri Chapter of the Red Cross couldn't ask for better timing.
"We were on our way back from picking it up in Florida when we got the call,"  says Glen Harmon through the window of the new Emergency Response Vehicle, or ERV.
The ERV wasn't parked for very long in Cape Girardeau before volunteers loaded up the truck and headed to Farmington to help winter storm victims.
"They're so glad to see us, they're just amazed and happy we're here,"  says Harmon, a volunteer from Puxico.  On Tuesday, Harmon and his wife were helping handout hot meals in Knob Lick, and area still without power.
"We used to just drive vans around with about 20 meals in them, but with this ERV, we can easily get 500-600 meals,"  explains Harmon, "Plus we can haul supplies like cots and everything else much easier now."
"It's really a vital blessing for all of us,"  says Brenda Kleinberg, of Knob Lick, "It's truly amazing, I know there would be a lot of people hurting if they weren't here."
Kleinberg and several others meet the ERV in Pilot Knob and take hot meals to those who can't make it to the truck.
The country of Kuwait paid for 25-ERV's.  The Southeast Missouri Chapter of the Red Cross got one of those new vehicles.  They planned to show it off to the public Tuesday afternoon, but that was scheduled before the storm and before it was called into action for the very first time.