Kennett Baby Death

Kennett Baby Death
By: CJ Cassidy

KENNETT, Mo. --A Kennett man is charged with abusing and murdering his 4-month old son.
29-year old Eric Hopper sits in the Dunklin County Jail on $100,000 bond. Now his mother claims she's convinced it was all just an accident.
"When I got to his house, he told me he accidentally dropped the baby and the baby was dead.- but he didn't know it - he thought the baby was alive," Glenda Queen says.
She claims she realized her grandson was dead when she saw him.  But instead of calling 911, she says she took four month old David Mitchell to her house; all the way across town.
Queen says she didn't call from her son's house because "no one was home and I didn't know anybody."
Investigators say they believe Hopper may have been on drugs when it happened.
"He said he lost it - lost control," Kennett Police Chief Barry Tate says.
Court documents show Hopper confessed to the injuries that killed his son. He allegedly shoved his son, causing the baby's head to slam against a hard, wooden surface.
He also allegedly admitted to dropping Mitchell head first on the kitchen floor.
"He may need some help for drugs but he's no murderer. He is not a murderer," Queen says.
When Heartland News asked her about the confession Hopper made to police, Queen says" He didn't tell me that. All he said was the baby slipped from his arms.Ask anybody that knows Eric, and they will tell you he brags about that baby, he buys the baby things, he loves that baby ," she says.
Family members on the baby's mother's side tell me Glenda Queen told them a different story.
They say she told them she took her grandson home before she realized anything was wrong. Not after.
In the meantime, they're very grateful to police and their community for their help getting through this tough time.