New road leads to shopping

New road leads to shopping
By: Erica Byfield

PADUCAH, Ky. --It seems like there's a new development or construction project everywhere you look.  Leaders in the Paducah unveiled their latest project this afternoon to a packed crowd.

Pecan Drive-Buckner Lane is now open for business. Everyone in the Heartland may not drive down this road, but from what we are told its opening could have a regional impact on shopping.
Without question the intersection near the mall is one of the busiest in Paducah, creating some of the biggest traffic back ups in the area, but not for long.
Local and state leaders officially gave drivers another route.
"It will bring in more retail that whole development off James Sanders Drive.  I wouldn't be surprised if it would help target locate here" said Mayor Bill Paxton.
"We want folks to know this a very important part of the state, great potential out here and there wasn't the investment in the pervious administrations" said Governor Ernie Fletcher (R).
The state of Kentucky forked over more than $4-million for Pecan Drive.  Before he left, Governor Fletcher gave local leaders three more sizable checks to fix up more roads in McCracken Count, to the delight of residents like Lawrence Purvis," it makes it a whole lot easier to get to the mall area" he said.
Purvis like others in the area survived 400 long days this latest development.
So, now he's going to have to wait in see if he can "survive" the increase in shoppers zipping down his street.
The checks Governor Fletcher offered the McCracken County area for new road improvement total nearly $3-million.