Farmington Power

Farmington Power
By: Wes Wallace

FARMINGTON, Mo. --Five nights after the icy storm crippled Farmington, most of the people in town got their power restored.  With the Christmas decorations and houselights on, it's not all merry and bright for everyone.
"We're roughing it, trying to maintain a sense of humor," explains Claire Wroblewski, "It's been a rude awakening."
Wroblewski is one about 30 people spending the night at the Red Cross Shelter setup inside Farmington's Civic Center.
"The people here have been great, it's a nice facility, and their cooking is better than mine!" says Wroblewski.
She actually lives in Doe Run, and like a small portion of folks in Farmington, the chilly weather and lack of power forces them into the shelter.
"The first two nights we toughed it out, but then it was just so cold and not safe with my two children, so we came here the last two nights," says Wroblewski.
On Monday, the Red Cross gave out about 400 meals.  They expect the numbers to go down over the next few days, once power gets back on everywhere.
In fact, Claire Wroblewski says the hospitality shown by the Red Cross inspired her to become a volunteer once in the future.