Investigators search for mailbox bomber

Investigators search for mailbox bomber
By: Crystal Britt
PORTAGEVILLE, Mo. - Investigators in New Madrid County are on the search for a mailbox bomber. Wednesday night someone blew up a mailbox outside of a home in Portageville. At this point police aren't saying whether it was a random act or a targeted one. 
"All the sudden...boom, just like that", said Robert Johnson. There's nothing left of the mailbox on Johnson's rental home. He says, "We came outside and said, wow, it blew my mailbox up." Not only that, the explosive device also blew siding off the house. "I don't know who did it or why, I don't bother nobody or have no trouble with nobody", said Johnson. 
It happened around 6:30p.m. Wednesday. People all over town heard the explosion. Leroy Fowler lives across the street. He says the force of the blast blew open his storm door. "It sounded like a big cannon going off and everybody came out and looked around and saw a white puff of smoke over those three houses", said Fowler. 
Police evacuated neighboring homes, thinking there could be more explosives.  "Never had anything like this happen before. I've been here 27 years and this is the first explosion we've had", said Portageville Chief Ronnie Adams. Several outside agencies were called in to help investigate, and so arrests, or information on what kind of explosive was used.  "Anybody could have walked up here in that length of time. They might have got seriously injured or killed", said Johnson. Officers agree. "If someone had been coming out of the door at the time of the explosion, somebody would have been hurt real bad", said Chief Adams.
Those responsible could face federal charges and prison time.