Car Dealership Bank Account Scam

Car Dealership Bank Account Scam
By: Wes Wallace

CHARLESTON, Mo. --It's a scam stretching across several states and right into Southeast Missouri.  It involves someone taking money from car dealership bank accounts.
"He's got it figured out, he's a smart guy, just using it the wrong way," says Matt Zimmerman, Sales Manager for Galemore Motor Company, "Once he's got your check and routing number, he can do whatever he wants."
He refers to Ben Elliot, who runs a company called 300 UP Promotions.  The folks at Galemore contracted 300 UP in June of 2005 to do a one time direct mail promotion for a fee of $1,850.   Bonnie Von Noy tells me she faxed a copy of the check to 300 UP, and the money was taken out of the account.  
More than a year later, Von Noy noticed another debit for $1,850 showed up on Galemore's financial records, even though they hadn't requested another mailing, so she got it cleared and credited with their bank.
Just this week, Von Noy discovered another debit, this one for $11,100.  The company paid was Chase Holding.  At first glance, you  might think it's the Chase Bank finance group, but it's not the same.  Von Noy claims Chase Holding is owned by Ben Elliot
Even though the bank refunded Galemore on both transactions, Von Noy and Matt Zimmerman want to warn other dealers about the scam.  They want any victims to contact Galmore, even if they've recovered money, in order to help try to put a stop to the scam.
Calls to Ben Elliot and 300 UP Promotions were not returned.
The FBI and Missouri Attorney General's Office are investigating.